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My name is Greyson, one day you might know me as Saint Greyson and at that time I'll be friends with all the Saints. But my best Saint friends will be Saint Rita, Saint Sebastian, and Saint Christopher. They are all the patron Saints of baseball, except Saint Sebastian, he's the patron Saint of Athletes. I'll talk more about them later. But, here's about me...
I am 11 years old and in 5th grade. When I grow up I want to be a Major League Baseball player...a saintly MLB player (that is, a baseball player that will one day hopefully be named a Saint). My favorite Saint is Saint Rita. She is my favorite Saint because I love baseball, it is my number 1 sport. I thought Saint Rita was an "ordinary" Saint but once I realized she was the patron Saint of baseball she topped my list. She's also pretty awesome because she prayed to suffer like Jesus and her prayers were answered by receiving a puncture in her forehead, believed to be a thorn from the crown of Jesus' own suffering.

I am selling shirts and maybe other things soon. I hope that my shirts, (and other stuff) will help you and your friends find God and become Catholic and maybe one day, a Saint!